Reds Code.
We tap on the keyboards.
Making sense of it.

We are a software house. We create and develop dedicated mobile and web applications.


We design and implement digital products so that they earn themselves. And we do it as quickly as possible.


We are a software house, specializing in creating and developing dedicated products. We work efficiently, thinking not only about the current cost of implementing the functionality, but also its future maintenance. Working with us, you get not only code contractors, but most importantly a committed team that will actively support you in finding the best solutions.

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how we’re working?

Discover the process of our operation

Because every project must have a rhythm.

Before we start the project, we gather all assumptions and expectations in the form of a briefing.

Defining requirements

We then determine the business requirements that the project should meet.

Kick-off workshop

Next, we meet to agree on the goals of the project and to plan its stages over time.

UX mock-ups

We analyze each implementation in terms of expectations and user experience. We prepare mockups and design the interface according to the identified expectations of the users of the website or application.

UI design

Each project requires a unique design that is memorable and convenient to use. We combine user experience with unconventional site design.

Development and creating documentation

We turn the finished project into code to run all the functionality. Along with the code, we create documentation.


We test the implementation for efficiency and eliminate eventual bugs.


After successful testing, we move the project to the production environment.


Explore the technologies we use

We focus on the JavaScript ecosystem, because versatility, efficiency and specialization are important to us. We follow trends and program in popular, rapidly developing languages.

Case studies

Discover our realizations

Launching a product is only the beginning of its development path.

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