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Mobile Development

Mobile first has long been a trend. Nevertheless, every year we are getting closer to the era of the mobile only.

cross-platform applications

Android or iOS - where to start?

With us, you don't have to choose. Using React Native tools allows us to develop apps for both platforms simultaneously. This approach is much faster and cheaper than creating two separate apps for Android and iOS. With a common code base, their maintenance and development also become easier.

We want your application to look great and be intuitive for users. However, we always put business efficiency first.

our approach

One application for two platforms

Technology matched to your needs

Analytical engagement

Simple and less involved maintenance

progressive web applications

Do you want even more flexibility?

Often, instead of a native application, it is worth reaching for a PWA, which is a progressive web application. A PWA can be called a hybrid of a native application and a web application - although it is created using web technologies, which are faster to implement, the user will often not distinguish it from native applications. A PWA is not launched from a browser, but as a standalone program stored on the phone. It can work offline and use many of the device's built-in features. It also does not need to be published on stores like Google Play or the Appstore, although it is possible.