redscode/IT staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation

Business needs are constantly changing,
and recruitment can often be difficult and time-consuming.

we guarantee flexibility

Our programmers at your company, on your project.

Are you planning a project and you are short of specialists to deliver it? The answer is support from REDSCODE experts. Establish a partnership with REDSCODE and ensure your flexibility. Whether you need support with the day-to-day work of programmers, designers or consultation with an expert in a particular field, you can rely on our commitment and experience.

By using our support, you avoid the costs associated with recruiting, training and maintaining a team. Instead, you pay only for the specialists' time actually used, which allows you to optimize costs and increase the efficiency of your project.

our approach

Support of developers at hand

Project management

Temporary scaling of the business

Filling in the necessary competencies

competence available immediately

Our programmers are just waiting to support your project, every step of the way.

We are committed to our clients' projects and focused on professionalism regardless of the complexity of the project.
We support projects as programmers, designers, or project managers. Where there is a need we find a solution. We have a base of experienced industry professionals that you can quickly deploy to your team and scale up your project.